Last supper danceband new bionic boogie

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PROF SEZ: HEY!! -- look -- I finally remembered the password to our website!! I'm not keen on single digit temperatures, but I am happy to thank all of you who come out to see us so often as we start a New Year...  last night @ Juniper's was a great time for everyone & US!! many thanks to Jimmy, Karen, and Phil for putting up w/us -- not only last night, but ALL these years!! our condolences go out to friends & family of our longtime friend Tony N who followed us for years... congratulations to Karen The Evil Princess on her recent medical procedure --  on to better health!! thanks to Mark & Mom down in W Haven @ the Off Shore Rsrtnt where we have recently become a fixture -- we'll be back there in Ja to make fun of Marty & Ben & Andre and all their babes... thanks to Charlie & Barbara - or whoever he's seeing this week; Ronnie & Drew; Charlie & his babe Louise; little Jo/big Ray/Mickey & Bud; Bob & Donna; Ron & Lorraine; Burt & his Hot Dog Queen; Chinese Dan and his Crew of Misfits & babes(Happy B-Day to his main squeeze Cheryl); Mike & Lois(Lady Gaga).... I'm probly forgetting some, but you can smack the bass player in the head to remind me - wear a glove so you don't get a splinter.... see you all in the (HAPPY)New Year!!

New this year: the Brewery are going to offer diners the opportunity to order cheese at the same time they order wine for the table

Last Supper Danceband New Bionic BoogieLast Supper Danceband New Bionic BoogieLast Supper Danceband New Bionic BoogieLast Supper Danceband New Bionic Boogie